Guitar Scales and Chords

Music Modes

Changing the root note of a musical scale changes the mode. When you play a different chord in a progression, the scale for that chord changes.

For example, lets say your playing a blues progresion using the chords G, C and D. You'd use:

  • Ionian scale for the G
  • Lydian scale for the C and the
  • Mixolydian scale for the D


Guitar Scale Charts

The charts below an be played in any key. A clip of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in each mode shows how the scale affects the melody.

Ionian Scale Guitar Chart
Ionian Guitar Scale Chart
Dorian Scale Guitar Chart
Phrygian Scale Guitar Chart
Phrygian Guitar Scale
Lydian Scale Guitar Chart
Lydian guitar Scale
Mixolydian Scale Guitar Chart
Myxolidian guitar Scale
Aeolian Scale Guitar Chart
Aolian Scale Chart
Locrian Scale Guitar Chart
Locrian Guitar Scales