Guitar Sight Reading Exercises

Don't try to memorize these exercises. They are somewhat random and are not intended to sound good. Each one is harder, adding notes to the studies. The final piece is a short song that will be easy once you've spent some time with the other exercises.

The exercises below are availble as a pdf download. These can be viewed with Adobe Reader.

Adobe Reader can be downloaded for free here


The A Minor Scale

The A minor scale is a good place to start. It contains only naturals and is a better key for guitar than 'C' because of the bass 'A'.

These exercises use the scale below:

A Minor Scale for Guitar

You can also refer to the Notes of the Guitar Chart .


Exercise #1 - ACE

PDF Download

This is a simple exercise to start with. It has only three notes.


Exercise #2 - ACE Two Octaves

PDF Download

This exercise adds three notes.


Exercise #3 - ABDCE

PDF Downloads

This study adds a few high notes.


Exercise #4 - ABDCE Low

PDF Download

This study explores the same notes an octave lower.


Exercise #5 - EFGABC

PDF Download

This exercise fills in some notes in the scale.


Exercise #6 - Song in A Minor

PDF Download

This is meant to provide some gratification after finishing the exercise above. It shouldn't give you too much trouble.


Exercise #7 - Key of G - Using Open Strings

PDF Download

In the Key of G, the note 'F' is played 'F sharp'.

This is the first two note exercise. It combines open strings with other notes of the scale.